Agénor, Monique

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Monique Agénor lé in lotèr pei ke the désot the mother dann tan 1960, kan ç navé vin tan. Zordiel live in Paris. Dann tan lontan, the Dabor party in France, for the sake of the public, and for the sake of justice. Pandan sink-si zan, the karé beast in Europe for presiding spétak téat dan in fl ow apel “Les Jeunes Comédiens de France”. By the same token, there is a pass in diplomacy to the world. In Lepok, you are interested in the self-referencing of kaméramane dovni for televizion.

In 1993, he lost his promise to life: The grandmother of the island of Bourbon was lorizine in senario for the first time, and the promised zabitan of Reunion. Lo liv i rakont lo valdingaz in tantine i kri Francoise Chastelain, e ke le konsidere, kom Monique Agenor i di, kom lo gramoun from the Pèp La Réunion. The senate was washed by the prodigy, di kou, Monique Agénor the desid published li konm in romance. The lesprians are konkluan for trwa zan pli tar, the armet in not liv: Be-Maho. Chronicles under the wind (1996).

If the grandmother of the isle Bourbon be konm in senario, Be-Maho i mark in radikal turnan. The striktir lo liv le kasé, lo lektèr the trinbalé ant in kozman if in bann yy k ke live of koté Bé-Maho (Hell-Bourg), é in kronik leék by Julien Saint-Clair, in linstitutèr i travay dan le o Reunion. In the year 1942, he was in session at the General Conference, held on 18 July 1942, the Government of Pierre Aubert and the French Colonel Loyir Loyalty Reunion “), Or the movement of resistance to the power of the komandaz lo marsal (November 1942); Sister Monique Agenor i rakont dan Bé-Maho :

Alas for our leaders, the population does not follow. First of all because, uninformed of what is going on in the colony, it does not care about the moods of the Petainists, then, for the more informed, it goes without saying that the alliance of France with the Nazi Germany does not enter into the ethics they have chosen for themselves. 
Be-Maho , 240)

Konm zistorien Yvan Combeau i rapèl, at the end lane 1942, Reunion i left de zane the gèrk blokus: move the resistans pandan lo rézim Vichy i permét to reopen in brèch dan politik lokal … in politik lindépandans vizavi The Régime Vichy, méosi in politik kisa konduir at the Departmantalizasion, March 19, 1946. Monique Agénor, kan èli fé lo swa de kozé if the rector was born in 1942 – mediated the promise of the zabitan La Rénion – ali afirm konm in lotèr nout listwar. His life was confirmed by his novel: Like a papang ‘flight (1998). Sèt fwa la, lo liv i rakont koman la Ren Ranavalon, lo ruled Rèn Madagaskar, was deported if the soil was re-erected during the period of kolonizasion. In konstant dan lo lékritur Monique Agénor: Touzour listwar i arvien. Like a papang ‘The last novel by Monique Agénor. Cocos-de-mer and other tales of the Indian Ocean, in the news of the fate of the year 2000, the mark in turn in its produksion. Dopi, the komans and the livery of marmay: The Punishment of the Goddess (2000), Diving in Turtle Island (2001), èk The Children of the Sacred Hill (2005) in the pèrspéktiv listwar an rakontan zavantir baba in all the country of the Indian Ocean. Monica Agenor the konpri: for her zistwar, zistwar her father, for komans by koz èk marmay. Domin, there’s a lot of fun …

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